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Research Institute


Innovative Technology

J-Solution Co., Ltd. has established a department of R&D consisting of experts in each field to improve product quality and R&D. It has various test equipment and facilities, and promptly responds to customer requirements and pursues the perfection of new technology development. We have earned technical independence throughout the entire field of product development with accumulated know-how based on expertisec and experienced in the field of equipment design, circuit/control, wiring design, etc.

-Technology leading new cultures
-People-oriented technology
-Technology maximizing convenience and efficiency
-Technology improving cutting-edge technology and performance

-Technology for creating future values
-Technology that takes environment into consideration
-Technology that challenges the impossible
-Leading role for the future generation

-Provision of upstanding products
-Provides the opportunity to actualize the visions of the members
-Creation of abundant living culture
-Realization of intimate cooperation relationship