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Flexible Heating Pipe


-Product Overview-
Flexible Heating Pipe

Simplified and optimized complex exhaust lines with interlock designed triple piping structure.
Induces regular fluid flow by heating the pipe itself and prevents sedimentation of
corrosive oxides by focusing thermal energy into the pipe


Item Description Feature
Power 208~220VAC 50/60Hz *Separable into 3 parts and easy to maintain and repair.

*Easily be installed due to outstanding flexibility and elasticity of bellows

*Induce fluid flow similar to the standard pipes by applying interlock bellows

*Prevent sedimentation of corrosive oxide by inducing the form of laminar flow into the pipe.

*Maximize energy efficiency by focusing thermal energy into the pipe and by minimizing external heat loss.

*Customization of lagging materials to abide by the pipe installation form

*Application of Leak Sensor Tape which reacts when fluid leaks.

Temp’ control range Input 0~999℃ K-type
Safety Control Method PID
Over Current Over 10A, ELCB block off
Leakage Current Over 30mA, ELCB block off
Over Heating Prevention Over 200℃, Channel and H/J Temp power off
Emergency Stop EMO Switch on -> Main Power off
Additional Function Warning Display output Temp Low alarm (205Vac 1A)
SSR Temp High (205Vac 1A)
Alarm Temp High / Heater Fail / T/C Fail
Alarm Log Data Max 30ea, Alarm List
Communication RS-485 (Modbus-RTU)
Jacket Fail Monitoring Display on
every channel Heat Jacket status
Interlock Tube NW40 SUS304
Inside Bellows NW40 / NW50 SUS316
Outside Bellows NW80 / NW100 SUS304
Heat Element Ø1.05 NCHW-1
Temp Sensor K-type
Connector MS3102A-16 3P/4P

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Flexible Heating Pipe

Flexible Heating Pipe with lagging