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EPD(Exhaust Pressure Detector)


-Product Overview-
EPD (Exhaust Pressure Detector)

Real-time monitoring of exhaust pressure about the phenomenon of exhaust line clogging
EPD system can monitor clogging issues in pipe lines and predict PM. In addition, it can prevent and pre-sense physical losses,
such as Gas leakages, Vacuum pump trip (occurrence of wafer accident and repair cost), etc.


Item Description Feature
Model EPD *Real-time pressure sensing inside the Exhaust lines

* Solve clogging issue when byproducts are

formed during the semiconductor and FPD  

process in exhaust lines.

*Alarm setting function

*Reduces powder sedimentation in Fore and Exhaust lines

*Possible to shoot out hot N2 with proper pressure and targeted flowrate.

* Suppressing oxide formation inside the pipe

* Reduction of maintenance costs and maximization of equipment efficiency.

* Applicable to pipes and equipment (PUMP, SCRUBBER) which are located in narrow space

Main Function Hot N2 high-pressure injection and pipe pressure monitoring
Material SUS 304 / 316
In / Out-Let NW 40/40, NW 40/50, NW 50/50 or etc.
Utility Use N2
Pressure 3~5kg/cm2
Flow 30 ~ 200LPM
Connect 1/4 or 3/8
Heater Capacity 500W or 800W
Temperature 150 ℃ ± α
Power Supply 208 ~ 230V A.C 1Phase 50/60 Hz
Control Type PID
Communication RS232 or RS485
Option Input storage: 8GB (about a year)

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EPD Monitoring DATA