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Trusted Company

I would like to express deep appreciation to all our customers for your unwavering interest and encouragement. J-Solution suggests specialized total solution to solve clogging problems of Fore-Line and Exhaust Line, which are formed in the process of semiconductor and FPD production by providing PMS (Powder Moving System), EPD (Exhaust Pressure Detector), H/J (Heat Jacket), triple piping, etc. As a technology-leading and also the first runner who have developed the device that allows to measure the degree of deposited powder in exhaust line, we are focusing our capabilities in order to consistently launch new technologies and products. Also, we are trying our best to maximize the efficiency of the production facility environment of our customers through enhancing cost-competitiveness and quality control. J-solution, promise you to be a ‘reliable company’ by repaying our customers and society with outstanding products, service, and continuous CSR administration (social responsibility of corporation) based on ‘trust’.
Thank you.

Lee Seung Yong, CEO, J-solution Co., Ltd. ceo_name