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” Management “

“Stabilize management” by maintaining established customers and securing new customers to reinforce competitive edge of our business.

” Quality “

“Launching new core technologies” by improving quality through upgrading products and securing new technologies.

” Organization “

“Establish steady-growing organization culture” by improving employee competency through reforming education system and organization culture


Trusted Company

J-Solution suggests specialized total solution to solve clogging problems of Fore-Line and Exhaust Line,
which are formed in the process of semiconductor and FPD production by providing PMS (Powder Moving System),
EPD (Exhaust Pressure Detector), H/J (Heat Jacket), Flexible Heating Pipe, etc.

Personnel Management System

Default direction of J-solution is to build an organization culture which represents mutual growth of all employees and the company by linking core value ‘4J’ to personnel management system.

Technology Retention Status

Based on numerous patents and certificates, we are currently working on researching and developing technology to build competitive and reliable products.

Request Quotation

If there is a problem with the exhaust line, consult the precise quotation from J-solution right now.